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Save on time and money through free online poker games. Learn, practice and play all at the same time when you try out free online poker games.
Save on time and money through free online poker games. Learn, practice and play all at the same time when you try out free online poker games. Whatever poker variation you're interested in, there are sure to be free online poker games available for all types.

So if you wish to finally understand the mechanics of the game, let's browse the Internet for a site that offers free online poker games and let's begin!

Normally, free online poker can be played by four players only but certain free online poker games that follow the Texas Holdem Poker rules allow more than four free online poker players to occupy one table. If you wish to play free online poker one-on-one, that's allowed as well by other free online poker sites.

Here's how a free online poker game typically starts.

The free online poker dealer shuffles the cards then deals two cards to each free online poker player.

Two free online poker players are required to make forced bets - the small blind and the big blind. The small blind's always equal to half the minimum bet for that particular free online poker game you're playing. The big blind's always equal to the minimum belt.

The subsequent free online poker players are then asked if they wished to match the bet, raise the ante OR fold. It's still fairly early in the game for a free online poker player to fold right away but there are some who actually do. When the first round of betting has been completed, the free online poker dealer will then burn a certain number of cards before revealing the flop - which is composed of three cards.

Once again, another betting round ensues as each free online poker player is asked whether they wish to bet the same amount as with the previous one, increase the stakes or surrender their cards. For the second round of the games, the two free casino poker games players who posted their binds are finally allowed to fold their cards if they wish to.

Since this is Texas Hold'em, free online poker players occupying the any of the last positions in the table are more fortunate because they can make calculated moves based on the cards revealed and the expressions of their fellow free online poker players. We hope you learned something of value from our game. Remember, practice is the best way to success so keep playing those games and you're sure to win the next time you bet real money in Internet casinos.

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